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Styling your outer wears this Summer

We’ve reached a point where our outer wears aren’t merely for warmth, they add a sense of plenitude to our ensemble.

Outer wears aren’t only for the winter or spring days.

The super transforming power of outer wears can be likened to superheroes capes in my opinion. Well excuse my metaphor, I’m a sucker for jackets, coats, kimonos, cardigans, and just about anything that goes on top of a vest or top so forgive me if I compare them to the most absurd things. But like me if you share an affinity for coats, you’d agree that they add a certain kind of pizazz to our outfits and that keeping the body warm isn’t the main essence anymore.

Today’s looks include casual, formal and lazy wear (basically when you just need to throw something on) and today’s feature is the gorgeous Esther. She is so much fun and very easy to shoot and such a personality is delectable and I’m always eager to work with her. By the way, she’s an amazing talent and you can listen to her song -Gone- right here.




IMG_1532 (2)

IMG_1559 IMG_1565

IMG_1592 IMG_1601

IMG_1650 IMG_1651


IMG_1239 IMG_1325 IMG_1324 IMG_1321 IMG_1320 IMG_1289 IMG_1276 IMG_1269 IMG_1258 IMG_1254 IMG_1252 IMG_1250


IMG_1350 IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1448 IMG_1423 (2) IMG_1385 IMG_1382 IMG_1370

IMG_1677 IMG_1671

Forgive the crappy background. ūüė¶ , but i do hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you’d like to know where any item is from, ask me in the comment section below, also tell us how you plan on styling your outer wears this summer.

Esther’s IG:@therealstonia

Turmeric masks or healing powder?

Hey lovers, I’m so sorry for the long absence, life and school got in the way but we’re back now and we have a lot of things prepared for you. So today, I want to talk about a face mask I started using recently. A friend told me about it and I saw it’s amazing results before trying it out (I’m Nigerian btw). But besides that, having sensitive skin doesn’t let you use just anything on your face.

And of course this magic powder is turmeric. I never heard of turmeric before now, but after incessant googling, just WOW, I was living under a rock.

So far, I’ve used three different masks and they serve different purposes.


Original turmeric
You can get an original ground one and store it as the instruction on the packet says or get the rhizome or root stalk from your local market and wrap the peeled rhizome in a paper towel and store in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge.

Get original honey, you can test if your honey is pure by using these methods. The one I use is the Naheps Bee-keepers Honey.

It’s safer to use the Greek natural yoghurt. It helps in moisturizing and eliminating dry skin issues.


Turmeric + Water
This is a very basic mask for acne prone skin. It lightens dark spots, dries out acne and also prevents the skin from breaking out.

Mix turmeric and water and make sure it’s thick enough to sit on your face without dripping. Rub it all over your face and don’t be scared of applying it on the skin under your eyes because it lightens that area and eliminates under eye circles. Wait for it to dry then lightly rub off.

Wash your face with a mild soap or face wash and warm water to open the pores. Splash with cool water and pat dry.

Turmeric and Yoghurt for dry skin
Before using these masks, my skin suffered from dry patches. I had dead skin which appeared as cracked lines and always ruined my makeup. Before you ask, I used boat-loads of moisturizers and I had routines that worked only for a few weeks, so I decided to go natural.

Add 1 tsp of yoghurt and 2 of Turmeric. Stir until you get an even consistency. Add more of either products if you feel it’s not thick enough.

Wait until it dries and rub off. Now wash off as usual.

Turmeric + Honey
This particular mask doesn’t dry that fast so keep it on for about 30 minutes. It keeps dripping so be careful with this one because you really do not want turmeric on your shirt or on any item you love. Wash off as usual.

After washing off, I usually use the Olay total effects 7-in-one night firming moisturizer which moisturizes my life. I can’t even emphasize how good this is. My mum introduced this to me and this is by far the best thing since Neville Longbottom’s transformation. No kidding.

You can experiment as much as you want with other products like rice flour, coconut oil, milk, lime etc. just google away.

Turmeric masks are said to reduce stretchmarks, eczema and other skin issues. Is this a miracle or what? Definitely not what. (Do you get it? No? Okay). I’ll update y’all in months time. By the way, if you need more information on turmeric masks and its benefits, click on  the links below.
Link One|Link Two|Link Three

I’m sure there are those of you who’ve been using this for a long time. Do tell us about your experiences. Thank you so much for reading.


Disclaimer: The pictures on this page are not owned by me.

Surviving The Exam Period

Hi everyone!

We’re gradually drawing closer to the end of the semester and finals are fast approaching so who’s excited?! No one? Yeah I thought so…

Today’s post is going to be giving you guys some insight into the common mistakes we make as students during the exam period and advice on how to survive what is usually the worst part of the semester for us.

  1. Procrastination: If I had a dollar for every time I heard a student (including myself) say ‘There are still a few weeks left to the end of the semester so I still have time’, I would own huge beach houses in Fiji and Seychelles. But the truth, which a lot of us know and choose to ignore most of the time is that time is in fact, something we do not have. The idea that we have plenty of time comes from a part of our subconscious that perceives time as a function of hours and not days or weeks. And as you can imagine, telling yourself you have 168 hours as opposed to 1 week can get you feeling like you have all the time in the world. But when you find yourself struggling through a list of 72 topics with less than a week to complete it, you realise rather late that you never really had as much time as you thought you did and studying becomes a painful experience.
  2. I will sit beside Felicia: You know that very intelligent person that everyone wants to sit beside during tests or exams? Yes this ¬†second point is about them. Now the problem with this is that in putting your hopes in this person, you base the outcome of your own exam on someone else’s knowledge, not minding the fact that they are human and are very capable of making mistakes or even worse, failing an exam. This habit also has the tendency to reduce your self esteem because one day, when you’re sitting beside this person and their wrong answer does not correspond with your right answer, you will lose faith in your intelligence and start to write down their wrong answers because instead of sitting beside Jesus who is the giver of all knowledge, you chose to sit beside Felicia.
  3. All nighters: When people say they will pull an all nighter, I instantly imagine that they plan to get some rest or sleep during the day so that they can be active enough to study in the night. But a lot of us make the common mistake of overworking ourselves during the day and thinking coffee or red bull will do the trick. Unfortunately, studies have shown that coffee or caffeine based products generally do nothing for long term memory. So yes, it may keep you awake all through the night and even make you feel like you’re learning, but when you are faced with the actual exam, chances are, you won’t remember a lot of the things you read and you won’t be able to think clearly because your body is lacking sleep. So try as much to read ahead and get enough sleep the night before your exam.
  4. Dodging: A lot of people also think it’s wise to move all their exams to the end of the exam period. And they tell themselves it’s because this will give them enough time to study for everything and write it all at once. This is a bad idea because you will most likely procrastinate for the whole period and end up having too much material to cover in too little time, and nobody to study with because all your friends will probably be done with their exams. Watching your friends have fun and go on trips while you’re stuck hustlin’ through 15 weeks worth of material for four courses can leave you depressed and unmotivated. So to avoid this, it’s always better to spread out your exams evenly across the exam period. This gives you enough time to study for each one and helps you finish right on time.
  5. Setting lower standards: You know how we always start the semester with dreams of 5.0 GPAs, then somewhere along the line we drop to 4.0 and eventually settle for 3.5? Well that’s because we usually lose interest by the time the semester is in full swing and we forget why we wanted that flawless result sheet in the first place. I will be very honest with you. One does not achieve a GPA of 5.0 by missing classes, playing games in class or waiting for the night before exams to start studying. It’s a goal you must chase wholeheartedly throughout the semester by first making plans in the beginning and committing them to God, asking Him to strengthen you and help you realise each day that you deserve the best and therefore, you cannot settle for anything less than excellence.
  6. Leaving the exam early: Unless that exam was the easiest thing ever and you are sure you got all your answers in correctly, I strongly advice staying in the hall till the invigilator says your time is up. This will ¬†give you time to think and go through what you have written down already so that you can remember the things you couldn’t remember before and make necessary corrections where mistakes were made.
  7. Give yourself a break: This is a very important part of surviving the entire exam process. The exam is just an application of your knowledge not a warfare. You finished one chapter? watch some funny youtube videos. You finished two chapters? even better! you can take a nap. We have to learn to appreciate our progress and reward ourselves accordingly. It is the only way we can be satisfied with studying and achieve peace of mind. There’s no need to go around looking like a zombie about to fall to pieces because you have exams. If you pray and put in enough effort, I don’t see why you shouldn’t finish strong.

I wish you guys a very productive week and a testimony worthy exam period. God bless you!

– Teema

Links √† la Mode: April 23

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3 ways to style a white shirt

Hey beautiful, If you have a white shirt and you want to get more wears out of them this spring, then keep reading.

These are three different looks centered around one item: the over sized white shirt. It can be dressed up, down or in whatever direction you wanna go and its a staple so whatever you do, own this.

WITH TIGHTS: A simple pair with a statement necklace, tights and knee high boots. You can decide to switch it up to a pair of heels and colored tights or shorts to create a party outfit. Throw on a backpack and a pair of shorts, and let this be the spice for your boring 8am class. And if you’re looking for something very free and very casual for meeting up with friends after school, this look still works.

IMG_1780  IMG_1761 IMG_1758  IMG_1765  IMG_1766IMG_1764

WITH A SKIRT: Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a skater skirt, a white shirt glides on perfectly. We all know the occasional white shirt and black high waist pencil skirt. I went beyond the norm and decided to go with the skater skirt. So go ahead and and try something outside your comfort zone(not too much).


WITH PANTS:¬†The usual. I paired this with ripped jeans to add something extra. and a black blazer so it wouldn’t look so boring. The rips are minimal especially if you’re going for something more than casual or a formal look.

IMG_1842IMG_1843IMG_1845 IMG_1844 IMG_1861   IMG_1855  IMG_1854IMG_1860IMG_1841


White Shirt – H&M here

Shoe – H&M similar here
Necklace – Gifted

Shoe – H&M similar here
Skirt – Sewn
Denim Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Pull & Bear
Jewelry – H&M
Blazer – Nine West
Shoes – Random store

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post or you picked up something from it. I’m so sorry this post is late but school has had its toll on me so, yeah. There’ll be more post coming. And I do wish you a great week.


Photographer: IG – @afro_gentleman
Blog – http://www.1214lookbookavenue.blogspot.com

11 Steps To Achieving a Flawless Face

Hello beautiful people,

It’s been a little while since i wrote something for you guys, and i have an excuse believe me. But the voice of reason has managed to convince me that ‘i was trying to finish all the seasons of scandal’ is not a very good excuse, so I’ll just be clich√© and say, I was busy.

Today, I’m going to be giving you some tips to keep your face flawless. Not only does this help by subsequently reducing the amount of make up you have to use, but you can finally take selfies and use the ‘i woke up like this’ caption with total confidence. So here goes

  1. Moisturise: moisturising your face morning and night is very important, especially for people with dry skin because it keeps your face from looking scaly. I would recommend pure shea butter or a shea butter based moisturiser. But if you have an oily skin, moisturising once is enough or you can get an oil free moisturiser and use away.
  2. Clean: you will need to clean your face before you moisturise or else, the moisturiser will just end up trapping dirt in your pores and this can cause breakouts. Facial wipes will do the trick but i recommend using water and soap before or after facial wipes to ensure at least 90% dirt removal.
  3. Minimise make-up use: make-up can really do a lot when it comes to enhancing one’s beauty, but it can also cause adverse effects when not used in moderation. Most of the products we use contain chemicals that are not so healthy so it will help to not use make up all the time. However, if you can not do without make up entirely, you can use a tinted moisturiser like this one: Complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream¬†. It reduces the visibility of blemishes while keeping your skin moisturised and healthy.
  4. Lips: I can not overemphasize the importance of lip balm when it comes to lip health. Apart from the fact that it keeps your lips from chapping, a good lip balm will also hydrate your lips, leaving them looking soft, smooth and supple. They can be used throughout the day alone, or as a base before lipstick application and also at night before bed. I recommend eos lip balms because they are made from natural ingredients.
  5. Don’t be a product whore: I’m all for trying new things. But when you’ve found a product that works, stop searching. Sometimes changing products can cause counteraction and lead to breakouts.
  6. Research: It is important to know what is in your skin care/make-up products before you buy them. You don’t have to turn into a mad scientist trying to figure out each and every chemical they contain, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes to read the description and ingredients on the bottle before you buy. And if there are some things you are not quite sure about, ask questions.
  7. Sunscreen: Everybody needs sunscreen. Yes, even my dark skinned brodas and sistas. Summer is fast approaching and the sun can be a bearer of harmful radiation, so protect yourself by investing in a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher for people with dark skin, or SPF 30 or higher for people with fair skin.
  8. Stop touching your face: The average hand harbours millions of bacteria from about 150 species. This is not very surprising considering the fact that our hands come in contact with a lot of dirt. From touching your phone, to giving a handshake, or picking something off the ground, or having dirt stuck in your fingernails. So when you touch or ‘pick’ your face, you are depositing bacteria on your face that may eventually cause irritations, rashes or breakouts.
  9. Leave the zits alone:¬†If you’re a zit popper, its time to drop the unhealthy habit because believe it or not, it does more harm than good. The pimple contains dirt, oil and bacteria. When you pop it, this mixture splatters, gets into more pores, and causes more pimples to show up in a few days while leaving a harder to eliminate problem called a dark spot. Picking zits can also cause you to introduce more bacteria from your fingernails into the pimple, or push the bacteria deeper into the pore thereby lengthening the healing process.
  10. Rest:¬†If you’re going to achieve a flawless face,you’re going to need to de-stress when ¬†necessary. Get a good night’s sleep or take a nap when you can to avoid eye bags and relax as much as possible. This leaves your skin looking radiant and beautiful.
  11. Never sleep with make-up on: Sleeping with make up on can really mess things up for you if you are trying to get a healthy looking face. Having all that make up on your face overnight can cause them to clog your pores, making it difficult for you to clean your face in the morning and preventing the moisturisers from penetrating the pores. To make sure you get rid of all the make-up, wash your face with a mild soap or a gel wash like the nivea refreshing facial wash gel, then use wipes as well to get rid of the leftover residues or mascara.

So there you go. Eleven helpful tips that can leave you glowing with or without make up this summer. Have a productive week!

– Teema