Be anxious for nothing.

Hey guys!

Its me Fatima or Teema, whichever one works best for you. Anyway i would like to apologise for the lateness of this post. The thing is, Eme and I have been quite confused about what our first post should be about. And after countless days of back and forths, we finally made a decision! Yay? Okay. So we decided on spirituality and before y’all start rolling your eyes, read the disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a preacher, nor do I plan on becoming one in the near future. Whatever we post under spirituality on this blog is based solely on our personal beliefs and life experiences.

Think that was dramatic? Lol i get like that so pardon me :p Now let me cut to the chase. I’m a student and occasionally, there are times where I am faced with certain challenges that overwhelm me literally and it doesn’t seem like there’s a possible solution and if you’re a student, I’m sure you can relate. This week i had a couple of tests and to be honest, I only studied very well for one of them so as usual i was chanting ‘Jesus take the wheel!’ all over the place and telling everyone that cared to listen that Jesus had my back. On the day of the first test, i went through my past questions and walked into the hall with my confidence at level 83 or more. But when i looked at the paper, lets just say my 83 dropped like the temperature on a cold winter’s day and i just froze. You gotta understand, this was the test I studied well for and I got in there and froze not because I didn’t know anything, but because these questions looked nothing like the past questions i studied earlier and that was unusual. It also didn’t help that i could hear whispers about the test being a photocopy of another past question paper that i hadn’t seen. I was falling apart quickly but i got it together and prayed. Then i started to apply my knowledge bit by bit. When the test was over i went home and cried. The highest grade possible was a 5 and i said “Lord, I just want a 4”. Waiting for the result was a task! i kept having bad thoughts and wondering what would happen if i fail. Fear and anxiety overwhelmed me so much that i forgot that I had told everyone earlier that “Jesus had my back”. Finally, the result came out and i was shaking so much when i was about to open it. I took a deep breath and took a careful look at it and lo and behold! I got a 5! I couldn’t breathe for some seconds. I looked at it about five times just to be sure because I didn’t even think it was even possible for me to get a 5. I mean, all i really wanted was a 4. But then God reminded me that I was anxious because i stopped trusting in His ability to do exceedingly, abundantly, and above all I could ever ask or think. Philippians 4: 6 says “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” and i used to think this was just some random piece of encouragement from the bible but after this experience, I have a better understanding of this verse and i think we should learn to put more trust in God. I mean come on! He’s got your back so just do your part and let him handle the rest. You’d be a much happier person believe me.

I have to get back to the books now because i have an exam tomorrow so wish me luck! and have a fabulous week guys. God bless you!

– Teema


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