Conversations with God

Hi guys! Its the last sunday of the year. Woohooo! I’m actually really excited cuz’ 2014 went by really quickly. I mean i still remember the details of the last countdown and it´s been twelve months? Unbelieveable!

Well today, I’m going to share something that i think is very helpful for us christians, especially those who have a hard time praying or finding time to pray. Okay let’s start like this. What is prayer? (This is the part where you raise your hands really high cuz’ you want to tell me prayer means communicating with God) and you’re right. But what do we picture when we think about prayer? long hours on your knees with your hands raised above your head and tears streaming down your face? Err… Not quite.

You see the thing is, in trying to follow the conventional methods the world has portrayed for us, we lose sight of what’s really important. The conversation itself. John 15: 15 says; I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you FRIENDS, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. Interesting isn’t it? So if He has called you ‘friend’, why do you talk to him like He’s a stranger? I know sometimes we are broken or we have serious requests so we naturally fall to our knees because the spirit sorta takes over. But when you start to tell yourself that that’s the only way to pray, believe me you’re going to get really tired really quickly. Okay imagine a conversation with a friend you confide in, someone who knows all your secrets because as soon as something happens, they’re the ones you tell first, someone who knows how perfectly imperfect you are and still loves you the same. Now i don’t know what you’re thinking but for me, the conversation would look a lot like this;

ME: Good morning Lord. The sky is really beautiful and I’m glad i got a chance to see it. I’m really sorry i yelled at that elderly lady yesterday, i really didn’t mean to. I was just angry but i guess it doesn’t matter anyway, the point is i shouldn’t have so I’m sorry, and thank you for helping out with my knee injury. I’m as fit as a fiddle now and even though I’m still mad at timi for ruining my dress on purpose last week, I know you’ll give me the grace to forgive. Oh! i forgot to tell you about my test tomorrow. You obviously already know about it but I’m reminding you now so please come thru’ for me like you always do. Thank you Jesus! And above all, let your will be done today.

The best thing about these kinds of prayer is that you can meditate on it in your heart on your way to school, just before your meeting, and even while you’re walking. No ceremony, no drama, no specific time. Its just you and God for as little as two minutes and it gets the job done. Its much easier to talk to God when you stop thinking of Him as someone wayyyy up there and start understanding that He’s beside you every single time and he hears the deepest thoughts of your heart. The earlier we realise this, the better.

I wish you guys a very happy new year celebration! And if you have exams, may the Lord keep working in your favour. Have an awesometastic week everyone 😉
– Teema


2 thoughts on “Conversations with God

  1. I am really happy and also impressed that even at this end time as they call it there are still people willing to explain things like this I hope we have more people like you God bless you in the name of Jesus Amen


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