Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. How’s your year so far? You have plans? No? How about schoolwork? Wish you success in that area. I have an exam next week and I haven’t studied but I’m sure you don’t want to know about my business so I’ll just go straight to the point.

So it’s a New Year. NEW YEAR!!! To most of us, a clean-slate to edit our lives, Pens and Papers flying out and ready to create a fresh list of resolutions that may or may not be the exact ones we wrote last year. But okay.

‘Eat less’, ‘exercise more’, at least you should add  ‘study more’, ‘earn some bucks’ but that doesn’t matter because these lists do not last really. Two weeks in and ‘WTH’, ‘YOLO’, ‘lifes too short’, ‘aint nobody got time for that’, ‘can’t die(inside joke, so yeah)’ and the tradition continues… Smh, let’s not dwell on this, we know the drill.

If theres anything you want to add to your resolution though, its getting rid of negativity in your life. Negativity is a setback that could come from friends, ourselves or just some random comments from our surroundings. It is easy to recognize the negative people around you.

They always want to prove you wrong, discourage you from achieving your goals, show you the negative side of things, belittle you, dispose your opinions, wait for you to fail, the list goes on.

I had a ‘friend’ who did most of these things and I always assumed she was giving me constructive criticism. What did i know? She sipped every ounce of hope and killed most of my dreams (too dramatic?). Whenever I brought up an idea, she always said; ‘What makes you think this will work’, ‘If it was that easy, everyone will be doing it’. True! But i’m not everyone, you’re not everyone. If A tried and failed, it doesn’t mean B will fail too. At least TRY.

She’ll then give every single reason why it wouldn’t work. And she always ended with ‘Try something else’.

But how about the reasons why it’ll work? Or what I can do to make it work? She won’t say because all she cared about was me doubting myself and giving up.

So do not be confused. Negativity ISN’T constructive criticism.

Jacob Burak says “Praise feels good, but negativity is stronger”. There’s a negativity bias where we let negative things affect us more than positive ones. I mean, its not our fault anyway. But we all know one negative comment on our time line affects us more than seven positive ones. Seven people say you’re beautiful and one ‘you have knock knees’ sets everything off. You know you don’t but the fact that someone said so will make you doubt, but why?

You can deal with negativity by;

  • Assuming whatever they say is a reflection of themselves because when you think about it, it actually is.
  • Selecting your friends carefully. One good friend is better than ten empty chit chatters. If your friend hasn’t affected your life positively then its a no-no. You’d rather be alone. Not good either but better.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people. Negativity knows how to rub off. Who knows, tomorrow, you might be the negativity everyone is trying to escape. Escape now while you can. 😀
  • Being positive. You can influence someone.

I mean its 2015, ain’t nobody got time for some unnecessary baggage.

Bye Felicia.

Writing this post was so much fun. Haha. Though on the contrary, being surrounded by negativity brings sadness, depression and overall ‘unhappiness’. Open ya eyes. 😉

I have to go back to my books now or maybe have another go at Doctor Who. But whatever the case may be, I wish you luck in your exams and success in every ‘positive’ thing you do this year.

– Emme


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