Life Goals

Hey hey, its been soo long since i last posted. At least for me. Finally, here’s another inpirational post for you guys. I hope this motivates you. I really do. So…

In my previous post, I didnt want to get into the topic of resolutions but I’m dedicating this just for that.

We know its around this period people get sick of their resolutions but this might be the right time to start following yours.

I know you lots would go like, NYR is never a good idea, its a waste of valuable time, its just crap, you’ll never follow it anyway.

I’m sure you know why your NYR dont stick. When you have a list of 20 impossible goals, where do you even start? How would you get a lamborghini when you’re living off paychecks? Oh, stop it. Miracles happen but dont overthink this one.

“I want to be a better person”, who doesn’t?
This is always number one on everyone’s list. But that one statement, is a whole year’s resolution on its own. Break it down and you get 10.

So the real question is, what are you going to do to make yourself a better person?

Everyone wants to be a better person but we all have different ways we want to go about it.

Maybe you want to start waking up an hour earlier everyday or instead of ‘exercise more’, be more specific, like, ‘jog for an hour every saturday’. ‘Eat less?’, how about reducing portions? And finally instead of writing insurmountable number of resolutions each year, you try one per month.

It doesnt have to be a new year to have resolutions. Everyday is a new day, clean slate, day one of 365, day one of the rest of your life. It doesnt have to be January 1st, maybe may 5th, october 28th, your birthday even, or anytime you realise there’s a need for a change.

You made a mistake yesterday? okay, dont worry, dont fret, take another day, rewrite it.

Another mistake? “Dont worry, now you know you cant do it that way anymore.

But some of us, we still do it, that same way, every time, forgetting we learn lessons for a reason.

And yet there are those who get those slates and tuck them away because theyre too good or perfect just the way they are or just lazy. But the thing is, you dont fold your hands and get to the top. You need to reach out for what you want. First, acknowledge there’s something to improve/change and next, try to improve.

Never overthink your resolutions, they dont always have to be the biggest changes.

I apologize for the lack of ‘fashion’ posts on the blog yet. But something is coming soon and i hope you’ll like it.



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