Dear Ankara…

Happy New Month to you lovely people.

How was service today? I loved mine. It’s a New month, what are your plans? Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Teema gave you an insight on how she does hers on the previous post. Meanwhile, this is the first fashion post. Finally. I know. Its a letter to Ankara and how i never showed it enough love as a kid.

Dear Ankara,

I’m sorry for tucking you away all my life; for secretly hating you; and for giving my mother every reason why i couldn’t wear you to church on Sundays. But I hope you understand this because you know Nigerian parents and their sense of ‘native’ styles which do not ever come out as expected either. Nigerian tailors. Enough said.

Sometimes you appeared good but most times you were just too colorful, it was so hard-working with you then. But what did I know?

I had to wear the ‘blouse and skirt’ just the way mum said I should. No tweaking. No tweaking?? Who wears Ankara-sewn items directly from the tailor without ‘amendments’? But I was a child and according to mum, I didn’t need clothes to fit, I had to breathe. In which case, I was breathing for my nation.

I always wished you wear softer. I was tired of wearing ‘supposed’ flared skirts that looked starchy and rocky. I just didn’t know what to do with you then. And now you make good bags, shoes and other accessories. Even a good poncho. I’m starting to like you… a lot.

I shoved you in my box for months because I was looking for a way to bring you out with style. I just really wanted to work you into my outfits because you’re unique, you stand out and you’re not English. It’s overrated. (JK. I still love me the good ol’ pencil skirt with button downs).

You’re a part of my life. You know what I mean, being African and all and I can never really get rid of you.

YES!! I forced you into cramped holes; I ripped you up but just to make you look better. So forgive me. I tried this today and I think I liked it. I’m slowly learning to work with you, I want to do this more often. And I know it’ll be so much fun.

While I stop hiding you away, you’ll help me look good. Deal?

Yours’ sincerely,

Emme IMG_0224






I hope y’all have a great week ahead 😉

Outfit Details: Coat – MANGO | similar here Shoes – Random outlet | similar here Neckpiece – H&M | similar here Skirt – H&M | similar here Top – H&M Bag – DIY’ed H&M | similar here


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