Building your closet: 12 basic items every girl should own

 Hey guys, I know its been too long since we last posted but we’ve just been too busy with school and all so here’s a lil something something. 

 You know the ‘nothing to wear’ crisis girls go through on a daily basis, the probability of that happening often will be reduced if you have this in the bag. 

 These items are so basic and i’m sure this is the umpteenth time you’re reading something similar. Building your wardrobe can be fun but costly therefore investing in these items much more like a house, gives you a solid foundation. 

 More must have items are coming soon. Ranging from spring, summer, winter items to must haves in your purse. So without further ado, heres the list;

F21 whiteshirt

1. White and black Tee: This is on the top tier of all basics. You can dress it up or down. Better plain than graphic. Though most times, graphic tees look more chic, especially paired with cut-out jeans. You don’t want to splurge on this because they wear out easily and need replacing after a few months.

Forever 21






2. Jeans: I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in their closet. Every girl should own at least one. And you might want to add boyfriend ones to this list.

Forever 21




denim shirt

3. Denim shirt: sometimes a basic look like, t-shirt on leggings can be spiced up with a denim shirt worn over as a jacket. And other times, tucked into a pencil skirt.

New Look


white shirt4. White shirt: If you don’t have this, stop reading and go get one, now. You want to get one, preferably a long line. Works in more ways than one. Or maybe an over sized one you can wear as a dress. This is so far my favorite item.

New Look

little black dress

5. Little Black Dress: The infamous LBD. Truth? I don’t have one. I have an LWD and I’m okay with that but by all means get a black one too if you need to. And you need to.

New Look


point toe shoes


6. Black pointy toes: This right here can change your outfit. Gives a very elegant and feminine touch.

New Look




7. Clutch: Maybe black, maybe a color that stands out. Just get a clutch.

New Look


slip ons

8. Trainers/slip ons: Whenever you quickly want to grab something from the nearest store but still want to look fab in case you run into your future boo, just slip these on. Simple and serves its purpose.

New Look



9. Blazer: Create an Office look, formal look or even Janelle Monae look once in a while. It dresses up every outfit you wear it over. Do well to get one that suits your body shape.

New Look



10. Leggings: Comfortable!! you can find it anywhere. And you can wear it everywhere.


red lippie



11. Red lipstick: Gwen Stefani always comes to mind. My mind at least. There are so many shades of red lipsticks. this one is more like a lipstain,it doesnt smear and finishes matte.

Grand Cru 08






12. Statement neck-piece: Maybe or maybe not but this has slowly found its way into our outfits. Its bold and causes a drastic change in look. You want to pair this with other minimal accessories.



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