Who do you think you are?

Hey beautiful people.

Happy new month! I keep forgetting that its march already. This year has zero chill. Anyway, I’m hoping your year is slowly unraveling into everything you prayed it would be. If its not, well there are still 305 days left. Now, for today’s topic

Me: who do you think you are?
Eme: I am so many things. I’m an amazing person. A woman with so much zeal and an affinity for independence. I am an optimist (I kinda have to be cuz well, God has my back). I’m an introvert on the road to achieving self confidence.

This is a very compound answer. It has a lot of different sides to it and one would easily say there’s nothing more to add. Well, apart from the other things like our titles which include wife, son, husband, sister, brother, daughter, C.E.O, student, doctor, lawyer, engineer, e.t.c

These are all really nice titles trust me. Especially the C.E.O, doctor, lawyer and engineer part. I mean come on! This is why we bother with school in the first place. But there’s something missing.

How many times do you say ‘I am a Christian’ when someone asks you who you are? Do you remember to tell people you are a prince or princess by virtue of the fact that your Father is the King of Kings?

Most of the time, we forget these things. Not intentionally (I hope), but because we have not fully accepted it as part of our identity. We attach so many titles to ourselves sometimes that we forget that above all the other things, we are royalty.

I don’t know if you guys listen to lecrae (if you haven’t heard any of his songs, you haven’t lived though) but there’s a song by him titled ‘boasting’ and the lyrics, like every other lecrae song does things to my soul! Basically, the song talks about how our boast should be in the Lord. And when we think about it, we realize that a lot of times, we forget that we are royalty. Whenever our identity is put into question, our first line of defense is to redeem ourselves with our worldly titles forgetting that we have a title that supersedes every other title we can acquire on earth.

Do you even know what it means to be royalty? Sigh! The opportunities we miss for lack of insight. I’ve heard girls say ‘I wish I was a princess’ countless times and the statement bothers me. Like bruv, you’ve been a princess all your life. You just haven’t noticed.

Imagine how beautiful our lives would be if we start embracing the titles bestowed upon us by our Father. The wonders it would do for your self confidence!   Don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t mean you should become stuck up and proud, cuz’ lets face it, nobody likes a stuck up princess. But when you embrace being a prince or princess, you start to act like royalty keeping in mind that God is king over us all and we must be humble and loyal to him. Your words and actions should portray royalty in a manner that will draw people to God so that they can share in our vast inheritance.

Also, when you embrace your crown, you will truly begin to believe that you can do all things through christ who strengthens you because you realise that Your father is the owner and sovereign ruler of the heavens and the earth. Therefore you will decree and it shall come to pass according to His will and no force under the heavens or beneath the earth will stand against it.

So stop belittling yourself. You are not useless. You are not a ‘waste’. You are much more. You are royalty! Pick up your crown, dust it off and rule the world

Hi, I am Fatima Olofu and I am a princess cuz’ well… My daddy is the king of kings!
Have the kind of week that makes you testify of great things on sunday.
– Teema


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