3 ways to style a white shirt

Hey beautiful, If you have a white shirt and you want to get more wears out of them this spring, then keep reading.

These are three different looks centered around one item: the over sized white shirt. It can be dressed up, down or in whatever direction you wanna go and its a staple so whatever you do, own this.

WITH TIGHTS: A simple pair with a statement necklace, tights and knee high boots. You can decide to switch it up to a pair of heels and colored tights or shorts to create a party outfit. Throw on a backpack and a pair of shorts, and let this be the spice for your boring 8am class. And if you’re looking for something very free and very casual for meeting up with friends after school, this look still works.

IMG_1780  IMG_1761 IMG_1758  IMG_1765  IMG_1766IMG_1764

WITH A SKIRT: Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a skater skirt, a white shirt glides on perfectly. We all know the occasional white shirt and black high waist pencil skirt. I went beyond the norm and decided to go with the skater skirt. So go ahead and and try something outside your comfort zone(not too much).


WITH PANTS: The usual. I paired this with ripped jeans to add something extra. and a black blazer so it wouldn’t look so boring. The rips are minimal especially if you’re going for something more than casual or a formal look.

IMG_1842IMG_1843IMG_1845 IMG_1844 IMG_1861   IMG_1855  IMG_1854IMG_1860IMG_1841


White Shirt – H&M here

Shoe – H&M similar here
Necklace – Gifted

Shoe – H&M similar here
Skirt – Sewn
Denim Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Pull & Bear
Jewelry – H&M
Blazer – Nine West
Shoes – Random store

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post or you picked up something from it. I’m so sorry this post is late but school has had its toll on me so, yeah. There’ll be more post coming. And I do wish you a great week.


Photographer: IG – @afro_gentleman
Blog – http://www.1214lookbookavenue.blogspot.com


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