Styling your outer wears this Summer

We’ve reached a point where our outer wears aren’t merely for warmth, they add a sense of plenitude to our ensemble.

Outer wears aren’t only for the winter or spring days.

The super transforming power of outer wears can be likened to superheroes capes in my opinion. Well excuse my metaphor, I’m a sucker for jackets, coats, kimonos, cardigans, and just about anything that goes on top of a vest or top so forgive me if I compare them to the most absurd things. But like me if you share an affinity for coats, you’d agree that they add a certain kind of pizazz to our outfits and that keeping the body warm isn’t the main essence anymore.

Today’s looks include casual, formal and lazy wear (basically when you just need to throw something on) and today’s feature is the gorgeous Esther. She is so much fun and very easy to shoot and such a personality is delectable and I’m always eager to work with her. By the way, she’s an amazing talent and you can listen to her song -Gone- right here.




IMG_1532 (2)

IMG_1559 IMG_1565

IMG_1592 IMG_1601

IMG_1650 IMG_1651


IMG_1239 IMG_1325 IMG_1324 IMG_1321 IMG_1320 IMG_1289 IMG_1276 IMG_1269 IMG_1258 IMG_1254 IMG_1252 IMG_1250


IMG_1350 IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1448 IMG_1423 (2) IMG_1385 IMG_1382 IMG_1370

IMG_1677 IMG_1671

Forgive the crappy background. 😦 , but i do hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you’d like to know where any item is from, ask me in the comment section below, also tell us how you plan on styling your outer wears this summer.

Esther’s IG:@therealstonia


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