Surviving The Exam Period

Hi everyone!

We’re gradually drawing closer to the end of the semester and finals are fast approaching so who’s excited?! No one? Yeah I thought so…

Today’s post is going to be giving you guys some insight into the common mistakes we make as students during the exam period and advice on how to survive what is usually the worst part of the semester for us.

  1. Procrastination: If I had a dollar for every time I heard a student (including myself) say ‘There are still a few weeks left to the end of the semester so I still have time’, I would own huge beach houses in Fiji and Seychelles. But the truth, which a lot of us know and choose to ignore most of the time is that time is in fact, something we do not have. The idea that we have plenty of time comes from a part of our subconscious that perceives time as a function of hours and not days or weeks. And as you can imagine, telling yourself you have 168 hours as opposed to 1 week can get you feeling like you have all the time in the world. But when you find yourself struggling through a list of 72 topics with less than a week to complete it, you realise rather late that you never really had as much time as you thought you did and studying becomes a painful experience.
  2. I will sit beside Felicia: You know that very intelligent person that everyone wants to sit beside during tests or exams? Yes this  second point is about them. Now the problem with this is that in putting your hopes in this person, you base the outcome of your own exam on someone else’s knowledge, not minding the fact that they are human and are very capable of making mistakes or even worse, failing an exam. This habit also has the tendency to reduce your self esteem because one day, when you’re sitting beside this person and their wrong answer does not correspond with your right answer, you will lose faith in your intelligence and start to write down their wrong answers because instead of sitting beside Jesus who is the giver of all knowledge, you chose to sit beside Felicia.
  3. All nighters: When people say they will pull an all nighter, I instantly imagine that they plan to get some rest or sleep during the day so that they can be active enough to study in the night. But a lot of us make the common mistake of overworking ourselves during the day and thinking coffee or red bull will do the trick. Unfortunately, studies have shown that coffee or caffeine based products generally do nothing for long term memory. So yes, it may keep you awake all through the night and even make you feel like you’re learning, but when you are faced with the actual exam, chances are, you won’t remember a lot of the things you read and you won’t be able to think clearly because your body is lacking sleep. So try as much to read ahead and get enough sleep the night before your exam.
  4. Dodging: A lot of people also think it’s wise to move all their exams to the end of the exam period. And they tell themselves it’s because this will give them enough time to study for everything and write it all at once. This is a bad idea because you will most likely procrastinate for the whole period and end up having too much material to cover in too little time, and nobody to study with because all your friends will probably be done with their exams. Watching your friends have fun and go on trips while you’re stuck hustlin’ through 15 weeks worth of material for four courses can leave you depressed and unmotivated. So to avoid this, it’s always better to spread out your exams evenly across the exam period. This gives you enough time to study for each one and helps you finish right on time.
  5. Setting lower standards: You know how we always start the semester with dreams of 5.0 GPAs, then somewhere along the line we drop to 4.0 and eventually settle for 3.5? Well that’s because we usually lose interest by the time the semester is in full swing and we forget why we wanted that flawless result sheet in the first place. I will be very honest with you. One does not achieve a GPA of 5.0 by missing classes, playing games in class or waiting for the night before exams to start studying. It’s a goal you must chase wholeheartedly throughout the semester by first making plans in the beginning and committing them to God, asking Him to strengthen you and help you realise each day that you deserve the best and therefore, you cannot settle for anything less than excellence.
  6. Leaving the exam early: Unless that exam was the easiest thing ever and you are sure you got all your answers in correctly, I strongly advice staying in the hall till the invigilator says your time is up. This will  give you time to think and go through what you have written down already so that you can remember the things you couldn’t remember before and make necessary corrections where mistakes were made.
  7. Give yourself a break: This is a very important part of surviving the entire exam process. The exam is just an application of your knowledge not a warfare. You finished one chapter? watch some funny youtube videos. You finished two chapters? even better! you can take a nap. We have to learn to appreciate our progress and reward ourselves accordingly. It is the only way we can be satisfied with studying and achieve peace of mind. There’s no need to go around looking like a zombie about to fall to pieces because you have exams. If you pray and put in enough effort, I don’t see why you shouldn’t finish strong.

I wish you guys a very productive week and a testimony worthy exam period. God bless you!

– Teema


The 21 day challenge

The 21 Day challenge! Don’t close the tab. This is not about squats.

😜 Hey guys! I know me and eme have been m.i.a and I promise you it’s not intentional. We actually just resumed the torture that is school! But that’s none of your business so I’ll get right to it.

90% of our readers are students and we recently got back from the Christmas break. Now I know how this went down. As soon as finals were over, you downloaded the last two seasons of scandal or how I met your mother and you couldn’t bear the suspense so you were watching episodes all night long and you subsequently messed up your sleeping pattern. Don’t worry, I’m guilty too. But the problem is, school has started and your sleeping pattern is still a mess. That’s where this 21 day challenge comes in.

I’ve read a lot of articles with people saying that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. And it’s an interesting phenomenon considering the fact that a lot of people swear by it. So I’ve decided to give it a go and you should too. If your sleeping pattern is messed up, that is.

Here’s what you’ll need to do;

– Set a bedtime: you need a minimum of 8 hours sleep so you have to decide what time you need to be up, (That’s mostly 6am) then sleep 8 hours before (10pm). So the latest bedtime is 10.

– Get an alarm: alarms are your best friend! If they don’t work for you, it’s probably because it’s always close enough for you to snooze immediately it goes off. Try putting it on a table far away from your bed but make sure it’s loud enough to wake you up. Having to get up to snooze the alarm or put it off reduces your chances of going back to bed. If you’re willing to try something more interesting, here are some links to fun alarm clocks you can buy;

Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Genuine Hotrod Hardware Drag Racing Alarm Clock

– Start telling your friends goodnight at least one hour before bedtime. That way, they’ll stop sending you messages and it’ll make it a lot easier for you to fall asleep.

– If you’re sleepy before your bedtime, sleep. Don’t try to stay awake till your actual bedtime. Chances are, when you lose that sleepiness, it won’t come back for a while.

– Do something relaxing. Shower, drink a cup of tea, meditate, just do whatever helps you sleep at night.

– Shut down your laptop completely. No, don’t close it. Shut it down. If you shut down your laptop 30 minutes before bed and put it on a table, not on your bed, the thought of having to get up and restart it again will discourage you from trying. And without your laptop throwing all its fine light in your face, you will sleep earlier and better.

The trick is to try this for 21 days and at the end of those 21 days, you’d have snapped that sleeping pattern right back into shape! Nobody ever wants to get caught sleeping on the job. Especially on camera! So try it. There’s nothing to lose 😉 I wish you a very productive week.


Birthday Notes…

Hey blovers…

Its the last Sunday of the month already. Can you believe it? Time flies so much these days it makes you feel like life is passing you by. Anyway I guess we’ll take it one day at a time and try to make the best out of the rest of the year.

Today I have a very interesting tip for you guys. Its actually something I came up with some days ago. Birthday notes! What the hell is that? I’ll explain. These ‘birthday notes’ are basically just yearly reminders that you leave on your calendar on your birth date. The reminders should contain goals, dreams, or even targets that you plan to achieve in that year. This could help you keep track of your plans so that they don’t fall thru’ along the way. The reminders can also contain helpful steps on how to go about executing the plan. That way, you’re not just remembering what your plan is, but you’re also getting ideas on how to go about it. I personally did mine for the next ten years but you can do yours for a little less or even more! Now this is something that’s really easy to do and it will only take about an hour or thirty minutes.

Remember, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. For best results, sync your calendar to your email address before adding the reminders. This gives you a better guarantee because you may change your devices over the next few years, but your email address will be around for hopefully much longer and your reminders will just come up on your new device as long as your calendar is synced to the email address.

So next time someone asks you what your future plans are, just show them your calendar. I hope you guys will try it out. Let me know what you think in the comment boxes below. Have a beautiful week and a better month ahead!

Lots of love -Teema

Life Goals

Hey hey, its been soo long since i last posted. At least for me. Finally, here’s another inpirational post for you guys. I hope this motivates you. I really do. So…

In my previous post, I didnt want to get into the topic of resolutions but I’m dedicating this just for that.

We know its around this period people get sick of their resolutions but this might be the right time to start following yours.

I know you lots would go like, NYR is never a good idea, its a waste of valuable time, its just crap, you’ll never follow it anyway.

I’m sure you know why your NYR dont stick. When you have a list of 20 impossible goals, where do you even start? How would you get a lamborghini when you’re living off paychecks? Oh, stop it. Miracles happen but dont overthink this one.

“I want to be a better person”, who doesn’t?
This is always number one on everyone’s list. But that one statement, is a whole year’s resolution on its own. Break it down and you get 10.

So the real question is, what are you going to do to make yourself a better person?

Everyone wants to be a better person but we all have different ways we want to go about it.

Maybe you want to start waking up an hour earlier everyday or instead of ‘exercise more’, be more specific, like, ‘jog for an hour every saturday’. ‘Eat less?’, how about reducing portions? And finally instead of writing insurmountable number of resolutions each year, you try one per month.

It doesnt have to be a new year to have resolutions. Everyday is a new day, clean slate, day one of 365, day one of the rest of your life. It doesnt have to be January 1st, maybe may 5th, october 28th, your birthday even, or anytime you realise there’s a need for a change.

You made a mistake yesterday? okay, dont worry, dont fret, take another day, rewrite it.

Another mistake? “Dont worry, now you know you cant do it that way anymore.

But some of us, we still do it, that same way, every time, forgetting we learn lessons for a reason.

And yet there are those who get those slates and tuck them away because theyre too good or perfect just the way they are or just lazy. But the thing is, you dont fold your hands and get to the top. You need to reach out for what you want. First, acknowledge there’s something to improve/change and next, try to improve.

Never overthink your resolutions, they dont always have to be the biggest changes.

I apologize for the lack of ‘fashion’ posts on the blog yet. But something is coming soon and i hope you’ll like it.


Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. How’s your year so far? You have plans? No? How about schoolwork? Wish you success in that area. I have an exam next week and I haven’t studied but I’m sure you don’t want to know about my business so I’ll just go straight to the point.

So it’s a New Year. NEW YEAR!!! To most of us, a clean-slate to edit our lives, Pens and Papers flying out and ready to create a fresh list of resolutions that may or may not be the exact ones we wrote last year. But okay.

‘Eat less’, ‘exercise more’, at least you should add  ‘study more’, ‘earn some bucks’ but that doesn’t matter because these lists do not last really. Two weeks in and ‘WTH’, ‘YOLO’, ‘lifes too short’, ‘aint nobody got time for that’, ‘can’t die(inside joke, so yeah)’ and the tradition continues… Smh, let’s not dwell on this, we know the drill.

If theres anything you want to add to your resolution though, its getting rid of negativity in your life. Negativity is a setback that could come from friends, ourselves or just some random comments from our surroundings. It is easy to recognize the negative people around you.

They always want to prove you wrong, discourage you from achieving your goals, show you the negative side of things, belittle you, dispose your opinions, wait for you to fail, the list goes on.

I had a ‘friend’ who did most of these things and I always assumed she was giving me constructive criticism. What did i know? She sipped every ounce of hope and killed most of my dreams (too dramatic?). Whenever I brought up an idea, she always said; ‘What makes you think this will work’, ‘If it was that easy, everyone will be doing it’. True! But i’m not everyone, you’re not everyone. If A tried and failed, it doesn’t mean B will fail too. At least TRY.

She’ll then give every single reason why it wouldn’t work. And she always ended with ‘Try something else’.

But how about the reasons why it’ll work? Or what I can do to make it work? She won’t say because all she cared about was me doubting myself and giving up.

So do not be confused. Negativity ISN’T constructive criticism.

Jacob Burak says “Praise feels good, but negativity is stronger”. There’s a negativity bias where we let negative things affect us more than positive ones. I mean, its not our fault anyway. But we all know one negative comment on our time line affects us more than seven positive ones. Seven people say you’re beautiful and one ‘you have knock knees’ sets everything off. You know you don’t but the fact that someone said so will make you doubt, but why?

You can deal with negativity by;

  • Assuming whatever they say is a reflection of themselves because when you think about it, it actually is.
  • Selecting your friends carefully. One good friend is better than ten empty chit chatters. If your friend hasn’t affected your life positively then its a no-no. You’d rather be alone. Not good either but better.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people. Negativity knows how to rub off. Who knows, tomorrow, you might be the negativity everyone is trying to escape. Escape now while you can. 😀
  • Being positive. You can influence someone.

I mean its 2015, ain’t nobody got time for some unnecessary baggage.

Bye Felicia.

Writing this post was so much fun. Haha. Though on the contrary, being surrounded by negativity brings sadness, depression and overall ‘unhappiness’. Open ya eyes. 😉

I have to go back to my books now or maybe have another go at Doctor Who. But whatever the case may be, I wish you luck in your exams and success in every ‘positive’ thing you do this year.

– Emme

Chasing Our Dreams

Merry Christmas beautiful people!!

How are you enjoying this festive period? I really hope you have fun, and enjoy today and every other day beyond it.

I’m not cut out for inspirational posts but I got inspired to write this after seeing the movie “Something Borrowed”.

This movie might have had a romantic vibe to it but even in our everyday lives, we fail to take chances. Okay, whats the worst that could happen when we try to chase our dreams? We get a NO? It doesn’t work out? Even then, we keep trying. Or would you rather live with regrets of ‘What if?’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Why didn’t I?’.

We can only get better by the day. Sometimes we wish we were like other people unconsciously. Chances are, they worked hard to be wherever they are, some didn’t but I bet if we at least try to be the best versions of ourselves, we wouldn’t worry or try to compare ourselves to others.

We all have dreams but it’ll take an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort to make them come to reality. There are those who sit and wait and there are those who stand up and work. It’s a choice afterall. It hardly ever happens that hard work doesn’t pay off, it almost always does. It paid off for Nastygal’s Sophia Amoruso and Modcloth’s Susan Gregg Koger.

Today becomes yesterday so tomorrow can give way to another chance called ‘Today’, Isn’t it funny that ‘today’ comes everyday for the rest our lives. This whole concept eludes most of us. We fail to see that these are our chances to take. Sometimes we are not motivated or inspired enough to get up and do something positive in our lives. For example, I’m very good at details, writing down every plan in my head, steps on how to properly execute my plan but I never get around to doing it. I let myself wallow in the satisfaction of hearing people say “wow, good idea”. I then give myself every naughty reason why I’d suck at it, or how it’d fail just because i might just be the wrong man for the job. I get demotivated so I start to procrastinate. “Good thing theres always tomorrow”, I always said. But NO, NO, don’t do that.

I’ve realized that today is the day, not tomorrow, not someday. They never arrive. And by Gods grace, I’ve finally started working on my plans, so far, so good.

Imagine you wake up one day, determined to chase your dreams. Someone else wakes up that same day and says, “Oh No, You won’t”. Only one of you will be right, But who?

Nothing will come alive if we don’t work for it. We all have to start from somewhere. It might not be the start you imagined but it will definitely take you to a place you never believed you could go. Remember, anything is possible. It was possible for Mark Zuckerberg.